Thursday, January 1, 2009

I had been Tagged!!

Hasbi, u tagged me. Sekarang, akak jawab plak soalan awak eh?

1.What have you been doing recently?
Anime marathon tengok Avatar: the last Airbender

2.Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
Maybe just once when I was in depressed.

3.What happened at 10am today?
Tengah mandi kot ..!

4.When did you last cry?
Last sem, during exam week, badly..

5.Believe in fate/destiny?
Muslim believes in Qada’ and Qadar, that all things happen in the will of Allah..

6.What do you want in your life now?
Life with happiness and good family..

7.Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?
Kalau ada payung, gunalah payung.

8.What’s your favourite thing to do on the bed?
Read in bed..

9.What is ur favourite clothes?
Simple..Everthing that will look nice on me hahah..

10.What’s the nicest things in your inbox?
“Cinta tak semestinya memiliki. Cinta ialah memberikan yang terbaik buat orang yang kita cintai.”

11.Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?
Nope but things always happen accidently..

12.Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
Yes since I’m squatting right now in my friend’s room.

13.What was the last movie you caught?
Don’t remember....

14.What are you proud of?
I am proud of who I am. A muslim at heart and practice, InsyAllah.

15.What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?
An angry emoticon.

16.What was the last song you sang out loud?
Tak bisa memilihmu – 6th sense.

17.Do you have any nicknames?
Fizah, Jijah, kaori

18.What does the newest text say?

19.What time did you go to bed last night?

20.Are you currently happy?
Yes at the moment..

21.Who gives you the best advise?
My best friend

22.Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
Never! Use a spoon!!

23.Who did you talk on the phone last night?
Ade la..hehehe

24.Is something bugging you now?
Bile la nak abes buat projek ni..

25.Who was the last person to make you laugh?
Everbody makes me laugh

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