Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fake SRC Election notices in IIUM

If you have time to see the notice pasted on the notice board outside Engitex OR, please read it carefully. You must be put into shocks seeing the notice at first place (if you see it on the first day, 13 Oct) , SRC election is just around da corner, just 4 days to go. Complete with Ust Hamidon’s signatures, everybody must be fooled by that fake notice put by irresponsible people (read: idiot people!)

I don’t know who are those people who are fool enough to make notices like that, pasted on every kulliyyah around IIUM. Maybe they were trying to create confusion and chaos among students, but believe me, they failed at the very beginning actually. Hahahah , I laughed at those people..Nak tipu x reti, baik x payah nak menipu.. Hang pi la ngaji dulu sampai pandai!!

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