Thursday, July 10, 2008

A victim or a villain

Two accusation of sodomy in 10 years for DSAI? Who would have done that?

Speaking of the man, is he really an alleged victim of sodomy or the alleged villain of stealth? His family with teary eyed had faith in him, an honest good kid. Even his loyal fiancĂ©e, “I believed him”. Was he actually a victim? Or someone has forced him to lodge the police report against the accused? Actually, I don’t want to reveal other people’s weaknesses but everyone has the right to know about the truth about him, which I don’t want to mention his name, even though everyone has already knew about him, don’t we?

From some Uniten students, he was one of the MPP of Uniten. He was the Vice President (but please read: President) as he went for a KPT program oversea that should be attended by the President. Before he contested in the MPP election, his CGPA was 1.8, and then after becoming an MPP, his academic reputation becomes worst. How come this is happening? Why a student with such CGPA would is allowed to contest in the MPP election? Surely every university had different range of CGPA allowed to contest in the election, maybe about above 2.0 or 3.0 (for IIUM) but NEVER 1.8. Is this some kind of fraud or illegal application allowed by the Election Commissioner of Uniten?

It is true that a leader need not to be intelligent in his studies but even though he possess good leadership skill with good akhlaq, he should be also good in his grades in order to be a good example for his fellow students. If you fail to manage yourself to do well in your grades, then you will also fail in managing other people especially a whole campus in specific, don’t you?
Although I’m not a very excellent student in my field, but I think that a leader should never take for granted his responsibilities as an excuse for him/ her to fail his exams. They should learn to divide their time as a students as well as a student leader at the same time. They should know which should be the top most priority at a certain time.

Also, I don’t think that allowing these students with low grades to be in the election for students’ leaders, MPP in specific is a REALLY WISE decision. Election Commissioner should look further into this matter, taking all cause and effects into account, while thinking about the quality of leaders they will produce in the future.

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