Tuesday, September 2, 2008

aHLan WaSaHLaN ya RaMaDaN

Month of Ramadhan 1429H

Maybe this is the last Ramdhan for me in IIUM since I'll be graduating this November. Four years in IIUM had thought me so many things.

During Ramadhan, we had free iftar every day from 1st till 30 Ramadhan in SHAS Mosque, contribution from the people who paid sadaqah and fitrah alms to the mosque. Last year, it was Arab bread and soup. This year, we had nasi and ayam, Malays food.

During Ramadhan, we had bazaar Ramdhan that will be filled with students and staffs buying for iftar. Last year, it was held between Engineering and KAED. This year, IIUM Endowment Fund held it on the CONVEST Hill..

During Ramadhan, we will not see students smoking in the cafe beside the library or in the mahallah during the day. At night, terawih prayer will be held at the mosque, and musollas.

On 30th August, SHAS Mosque organized Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramdhan program in collaboration with SRC 2007/08 and EC. We had our SRC excos and committees preparing bubur lambuk and distributing it to the sutdents. Many international students got interested in joining the masak-masak bubur lambuk..

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