Saturday, September 20, 2008


This Ramadhan made me think about my future, what I want to do next after graduation, what should I achieve in my life, what should I do with my life to achieve my aims and so on..Things to ponder about..

Students' Representatives Council 2007/08 had ended its reign in IIUM!! Last Friday, 21st September 2008, we had our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Main Audi IIUM with Kuantan excos also coming for it..Hayyi presented the annual activities report and Hanis presented the financial report.. Some QnA session with some hot issues (I rather called it provocative statements from the audience made emotional responses from the exco!)

I remembered posting this statement in a yahoogroups:

YB: Yang berkhidmat bukan Yang berhormat, yang sanggup turun kepada rakyat/massa untuk kerja2 glemer mahupun tidak glemer seperti angkat kerusi, basuh periuk, bagi flyers dan sebagainya..Bukan juga seorang mandur yang berlagak ekslusif tapi hanya pandai komen belakang slps programme..Sampai bile nak maju camni!!

We don't need leaders who can only talks and talks, we can do this, we should do that, but in the end when it comes to doing your own job as an exco of SRC, you failed even you were given some years of service. What happen to your statement about partisan and non partisan leader? In the end, it was all just crap! I believed that being a partisan or non partisan got nothing to do with carrying out our responsibliities as SRC. Even if your are a partisan, if you do your job as best as you can, nobody will questioned your credibillity as a leader.. O Allah, forgive me for being so rude in this blessing month.

To my fellow SRCs members, Adib, Hayyi, Ucop, Farah, Hanis, Dekda, Deli, Ilme, Hashim, Sevgi, and others, thank you for all your hardwork, efforts, time, money that you contributed to SRC. Thousand apologies for any shortcomings throughout our tenure. SRC 2007/08: In memory.

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